About Lyndsy

Lyndsy graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2009. Prior to this she trained at the London School of Contemporary Dance and worked as a professional dancer in London for ten years, including a number of TV, film and music video credits.
Lyndsy also has further post graduate training in western medical acupuncture, holds a diploma in sports massage along with a PGCert in Sports and Exercise Medicine. In addition, Lyndsy is a certified Pilates instructor and will advise her patients on the most appropriate exercises to be doing to avoid further injury.

Lyndsy has had more than 9 years of clinical experience treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints in various settings in the NHS and in the private sector. She enjoys seeing patients from all walks of life and believes in treating the whole person instead of just the diagnosis.

Lyndsy works with her patients to find the underlying cause of the problem and helps her patients to understand this to avoid reoccurring episodes and chronicity. Lyndsy uses a variety of osteopathic techniques that include safe joint mobilisation and manipulation, soft tissue and fascial release techniques, medical acupuncture and cranial approaches.

Lyndsy is married and recently moved to Godalming after 22 years of living and working in central London. Now enjoying a more relaxed and slower pace of life, Lyndsy still finds time to attend ballet classes, Pilates and yoga regularly.

Lyndsy Mills BOst PGSem
Registered Osteopath
Pilates Certified Instructor

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