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Shirley Patterson S.D.S.Hom

Shirley trained in accountancy but became interested in Homoeopathy after a number of serious complaints responded to homoeopathic treatment where allopathic had failed. She trained with the South Downs College of Homoeopathy in Chichester obtaining her Licentiate in 2005 after a 4 year intensive course. Shirley wholly believes in the the Hahnemanian principles of “First do no harm”. The aim always is to restore the patient to health in a gentle, natural way but also with speed.

Shirley also offers QEST4 Asyra health screening, a form of bio resonance energy medicine which is a non invasive extraordinary way of looking at the body and scanning for any issues that cause an imbalance which in turn cause dis-ease. It measures the body’s energetic response to more than 40,000 digital signatures such as nutritional needs, Food and environmental factors, Toxins, parasites and viruses, chakra and meridian imbalances and hormones. Spinal misalignment, dental and TMJ stress is also made evident. This can then be balanced using imprinted remedy signatures that will energetically support the body to reset to a more healthy state of balance or referral to another discipline which is complementary to getting the body back in balance. Sometimes physical manipulation is also needed.

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