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I qualified in 1981 and went back to the British School of Osteopathy (as it was then called) UCO and taught there 1 day a week for 27 years; the last 5 years as head of 4th year technique.

I have also taught abroad and did 5 years of lecturing to qualified Osteopaths as part of their Continued Professional Development. I set up the Fareham Osteopathic Centre in 1981 and only recently sold this to Cain Sedgwick, and I still work there 1 day a week.

The Petersfield practise started in the front room at home seeing those who could not make it down to Fareham.

Now it is my main place of practice and I am there 2 days of the week, supported on other days by Lyndsy Mills Osteopath and Louise Hammond Physiotherapist.

I work structurally but with gentle techniques and have always had a keen interest in sports related problems.

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